Our Part Number: G6670101
Name: Powerwise Charger Board
List Price: $135.00
Price: $99.00
Special Price: $75.00
Core Charge: 0.00
In Stock: Ships in 1-3 Days
Interchange Part Numbers
  Manufacturer & Part Number
EZGO 28667-G01
EZGO 28566-G01
EZGO 28566-G03
EZGO 25866-G03
EZGO 28126-G01
EZGO 28126-G03

The Power Input Board is a module board used on Power wise II Chargers. This board regulates the voltage level of the charger and has a built-in AC Detector that senses electrical current to detect the connection status of the circuit from the input board.
• Replaces both the control and power input boards.
• You may need to replace your 50 amp fuse as well as the diodes in your charger. These typically go bad when you have a faulty control board
Fits on 1996-2008 E-Z-GO Electric 36 Volt TXT, Medalist, ST Sport and Clays Car Vehicles with the 36 Volt Power wise II Chargers
Questions and Answers regarding the operation and repair of your Power Wise Battery Charger
Q: My charger is overcharging my batteries.
The charge rate is controlled by a control board located inside the charger case. If the charger won't stop charging when the batteries are fully charged, the control board is most likely faulty.
Q: My Charger plug gets hot when I am charging the battery
This is usually caused by corrosion or bad connections in the charge plug handle. Open it up and inspect the connections. If you see a darkening of the terminals or corrosion, replace the contacts and tighten up the screws make sure you do not loose the magnet when you open the handle. It has to be in there to activate the switch on the golf cart that prevents it from running when it is being charged.
Q: My Batteries are dead and my charger won't turn on
The Power Wise charger must read an appropriate voltage from the battery before it will turn on. If the batteries are dead, the charger doesn't know what is connected to, and won't start
Q: My batteries are completely dead, how do I get the charger to turn on?
You need to charge the batteries individually with an automotive battery charger until they produce enough voltage for the charger to turn on. You can also use jumper cables to connect you battery pack with another golf cart of the same voltage. The current will pass from the other cart to yours and show the charger enough voltage to turn on.
Q: My batteries are not completely dead, but the charger won't turn on
The first thing I check is the fuse. If it is ok, then test the diodes
Q: The fuse is ok, the diodes are ok, and my charger still won't turn on.
If the fuse is good, and the diodes check ok, and the batteries are not dead, the control board is probably faulty.
Q: My charger turns on, but won't show a charge on the meter
If the charger clicks on but the meter does not show a charge, it may be the meter, but more likely, it is the capacitor. The capacitor is what turns down the charge rate as the batteries reach full charge.
Q: My cords are cracked or frayed, can I fix them?
Sure, just take them out of the case and cut the frayed portion off and re-install the proper terminals, replace the cord in the stress reliefs and re-install the cords. in the charger. Replacement cords are available here on the website.

Our Part Number: G6680101
Name: Total Battery charger Board
List Price: $135.00
Special Price: $75.00
Core Charge: 0.00
In Stock: Ships in 1-3 Days
Interchange Part Numbers
  E-Z-GO Factory Part#: 19460G1, 27417G01 & 28567G0, now replaced by 28668G01.
Product Description
This is a replacement Electronic Control Module (ECM) for E-Z-GO Golf Cart 'Total Charger' models I, II and III. The 'Total Chargers' were made from 1986 to 1997. The early Total Chargers have white cases with a green decal on the front of the charger. They have a timer knob that turns the charger 'ON' & 'OFF' and it indicates the number of hours the car actually took a charge. The charger will shut itself off when the charge is complete regardless of the number of hours left on the timer. Later, with the 'Total Charger III', E-Z-GO changed the decal & case colors, and eliminated the ON/OFF timer knob (the timer is incorporated into the circuit board itself). These later chargers automatically cut themselves 'ON' when plugged into the golf cart and 'OFF' when the charge is complete. (The charger circuit board monitors the voltage rise of the batteries and when the voltage levels off, it shuts down.)
From 1988 through 1997 E-Z-GO offered a unique 'Total Charger II' that features push button start, LED read out of the battery voltage, time of charge and other cool functions. These special TC-II circuit boards are no longer available. Order this circuit board shown here but you also must call for a special wiring schematic to adapt this board to the 'Total Charger II'. This board will not support the lights, LED readout or push button start but it will salvage the charger.
E-Z-GO Factory Part#: 19460G1, 27417G01 & 28567G0, now replaced by 28668G01.
Important Note: This circuit board will only fit Total Charge Chargers made by E-Z-GO. This will not fit PowerWise Chargers from 1995 to 2007. To find out which one you have, simply look at what your charger says on the front. If you find you need a circuit board for the PowerWise Charger, please see our E-Z-GO Powerwise Golf Cart Charger Control Input Board at

1: These 'Total' chargers MUST be disconnected from the golf cart during any lengthy storage period...4 weeks or longer! The charger circuit board monitors the battery charge even when the timer is in the 'OFF' position. It will automatically come back on to charge if the battery voltage drops too low, but ONLY IF there is time left on the charger timer dial. Once the charger timer moves to the 'OFF' position it cannot come back on again unless you turn the timer to 'ON'. The charger uses the battery juice to monitor them. Over time the batteries discharge to such a degree that they will no longer power the golf car and, worse, the charger, when manually activated, will not come on to charge because the battery voltage has dropped below the critical 'cut-on voltage' designed into the system. The result is you come back to a golf car that doesn't run and can't be charged with your charger.
2: What to do if your batteries are so dead that the charger will not cut on? Assuming that the batteries have not frozen due to low specific gravity or that one battery is not totally bad, follow these recommendations.
1. Find an old style (pre-electronic circuit board) charger and use it to start the charge up. 15 minutes on one of these chargers usually brings the battery pack up enough to start using your regular charger again.

Our Part Number: G7327201
Name: PDS Speed Freedom Chip
List Price: $30.00
Special Price: $10.00
Core Charge: 0.00
In Stock: Ships in 1-3 Days
Interchange Part Numbers
  Used for E-Z-GO PDS (Precision Drive System) carts from 2000 and newer, To increases the speed Up to 18MPH and turns off the motor braking, No need to code or programming the Speed controller Just plug it in the Controller chip slot.
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