Cash for Cores

We describe any old, used electronic control unit or speed controller as "CORE".

GolfRama buys CORES through a Cash4Core program. We welcome products made by Curtis, Taylor Dunn, Hyundai, GE, Yamaha, Club Car and EZ-Go.

If you have excess cores and want to turn it into cash, follow these simple steps:

  • Itemize all CORES part numbers and Email Us or fax to our Core Purchase Department for review and approval.
  • Our Core Purchasing department will approve a selection of your CORE-List. The offering cash value is based on market demand. We will honor the value of all pre-approved shipments.
  • We will Pick-UP large shipments from your location at no charge. Prepare the items for shipping by safely wrapping/boxing them to prevent damage during transit. Include a copy of the approved Core-List in the box.
  • We will mail a check payable to your designee in the agreed amount. You may follow up with us at any time if your payment is not received within thirty days.

Core Purchase Policy

  • Cores (used units) must be in rebuildable condition. All received units are subject to inspection. Broken cases, burnt boards, water damage and incomplete units are subject to value-reassessment and only partial credit will be issued.
  • Unapproved Cores shipped will become GolfRama's property and they could be discarded.
For other questions email Email Us.

We appreciate your business!