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Our Part Number: ACP01
Name: Monitoring Unit
List Price: $235.56
Price: $106.00
Special Price: $49.00
Core Charge: 0.00
In Stock: Ships in 1-3 Days
Interchange Part Numbers
Golf Car AccessoriesControl Panel w/ 3 switches
  * Custom fit warning labels with integrated switches which preserves the factory's operator environment.

* User can control any three major accessories from a single panel control board

* Custom symbol configurations available as needed

* Up to 20 Amps of current per circuit/accessory

* LED's illuminate when circuit is on

* Protected circuit LED flashes when circuit is overloaded

* Accessories turn OFF automatically, when ignition key is in the OFF position, preventing unnecessary battery discharge

G642HB_1206HB - External Wiring .pdf
Our Part Number: G142
Name: Speed Controller 48V 250amp
List Price: $333.00
Price: $229.00
Core Charge: 100.00
In Stock: Ships in 1-3 Days
Repair Price: $239.00
Interchange Part Numbers
Club Car103403402
Club Car1515-5201
Club Car1515 5201
  Speed Controller 48V, 250A
Controller for Club Car Precedent Excel Golf Cart 2009 & Up
Curtis Part Number: 1515-5201
Club Car Part No. 103403402
**If the Club Car Precedent cart has slowed down from 14.80 M top speed to a crawl this is the mostly the speed sensor ***

Detailed Info
Our Part Number: G3603
Name: Battery Charger 36V 03amp
List Price: $149.00
Special Price: $89.00
Core Charge: 0.00
In Stock: Ships in 1-3 Days
Interchange Part Numbers
  Sophisticated 5 stage charging.
Switch mode design with wide input range, 85-240 VAC.
Digital display of real-time charge voltage and battery status.
Protected against accidental short circuit or reverse connection.
Stable trickle charge and re-start to maintain batteries during storage.
Uses reverse pulse technology to reduce battery impedance and gassing. Battery temperature is also greatly lowered, reducing sulfation.
Can be connected to batteries for extended periods without harm
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