Repair & Return

The Repair and Return (R&R) service is designed for customers who want to avoid CORE-Deposits. It also helps those who wish to repair or bench test their own units, as well as instances when GolfRama is out-of-stock on the desired products.

You may send your product (CORES) to us for professional remanufacturing. Single/individual units are bench tested and/or repaired within 48 hours after they are received. Larger batches could take up to two weeks to be bench tested/replaced and/or repaired. To have your units remanufactured just follow these simple steps:

  • Product price and information can be viewed at our Products section. The price of repairs is the same as the sale-price (no extra discount).
  • Download and print our Online Repair Request Form and include a copy of it with your shipment. When shipping multiple items, clearly label each unit in case of special requests, or you may use more than one form.
  • All orders are prepaid. Granting of special Payment-Terms is based on your personal/company credit history and provided references. If you do not provide Credit Card information on the Online Repair Request Form, we will ship your finished goods COD-Secured.
  • All orders are shipped UPS Ground unless otherwise indicated on the Online Repair Request Form. Repair orders of five or more units are shipped with free Ground-Service (see special deals at our product section).
  • All Speed Controllers carry a 2-year warranty with proof of the repair-receipt. Warranty is void if our repair serial number and a warranty-tracking label are either missing or broken. No warranty is given for water-damaged control units.
If you have further questions you may email Email Us.

We appreciate your business!