General Terms and Conditions


    Products are guaranteed sold free of manufacturer's defect. In the event that a defect should occur that is manufacturer related, GolfRama offers a warranty program for such occurances.


    For any consumer, warranty is an important issue. We therefore ask all consumers to send defective units directly to GolfRama. All warranties must be accompanied by a dated proof of purchase. Please note that warranty is only extended to the purchaser of record. Most GolfRama products carry a warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase.

3.Core Policy

    A core charge is associated with MOST products purchased from GolfRama. In the event a core charge is associated with the final product; it shall appear on the billing reading as "Core Charge for." This core charge is a deposit and is returned when the old rebuildable unit is received. To receive a complete core deposit refund, the following conditions must be observed:

    The core has to be identical to the one supplied.The core has to be complete with no missing parts and we ask that it be returned in a GolfRama box.
    The core should not have any damaged or broken components. If core is broken, a partial core refund will be issued. Amount issued is dependent on the salvage value of the unit. Cores with severe water damage or burnt PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) will not be accepted.


    GolfRama is not responsible for shipping cost to its location regardless of type of return (warranty, cores or other). GolfRama however, will provide free ground return shipping of all warranties to all customers within the continental United States and Canada.

    For non warranty related returns please note:
    - We accept only authorized returns within maximum 7 days,
    - Unit must be in unopened plastic packaging
    - Shipping cost is not refundable.
    - We charge 20% restocking fee on these products.

5.Customs & Duties

    GolfRama is not responsible for any duties, taxes or surcharges associated with international shipments.

6.Privacy Policy

    GolfRama is committed to maintaining the integrity and privacy of information given to it by its consumers. While information is the cornerstone to providing superior products and services, we understand the importance trust plays in relationships. To this end, GolfRama will never sell or otherwise distribute sensitive customer information.