Tech Support & Warranty

Electronic Speed Controllers and other products carry a 1-Year warranty.

Before condemning a control unit as defective:

  • Review our installation, trouble-shooting and safety instructions for all Speed Controllers available at this link: installation.pdf* (PDF File)
  • You may take advantage of our Bench-Test (diagnostic) service offered through our Repair and Return program to determine if a control unit is malfunctioning. Bench test and/or diagnostic fee for most products is $50, and the service is rendered within 48-72 hours.
  • You may use our products catalog to help you find product part numbers and submit your technical questions or suggestions via email.
  • To send your product for a warranty repair or exchange. Please download, print and fill out our Warranty-Repair-Form and include it with your shipment.
Note: Copy of your purchase/repair receipt must accompany the shipment, otherwise we will bill 50% of the original repair price.

  • We replace your Warranty unit in 48 hours. Warranty replacement for more than two units shipments may take up to one week. We ship all warranty replacements Ground-service free of charge to our customers.
  • Warranty is void if our repair serial number is missing, or if the warranty seal is broken. Water damaged and/or physically damaged units will not be exchanged under warranty.
If you have further questions you may email Email Us.

We appreciate your business!