E-Z-GO Speed Controller 36V 275amp
Speed Controller 36V 275Amp

OE Part Number

1206-04, 120604

ProgRama Part Number


Interchange Part Numbers

1206 36V 275A TXT - 4, 120636V275ATXT4
1206 TXT 4 Blades, 1206TXT4Blades
1206 TXT 5 Pin 4 Blades, 1206TXT5Pin4Blades
25864G01, 25864G01
25864G02, 25864G02




1 Year

Item description

ITS Throttle Input, Early version with 4 blades. Curtis Motor Controller 1206 TXT Cars (MED/TXT), 5 Pin. Electronic Speed Controller is used on 1994-current E-Z-GO Medalist and TXT 36 Volt Series Electric Vehicles. The speed controller is responsible for regulating the speed levels of your vehicle. This particular speed controller not designed for use with DCS (Drive Control System) or PDS (Precision Drive System) vehicle applications Series Motor Controller Only, This is not a Separately Excited (Sep Ex) motor controller and will not work with shunt wound electric motors. How to know if the old controller is bad Controller 1- (-) to B- terminal (+) to B+ terminal. The pedal not pressed in 20 minutes. Should show the battery pack voltage. slowly depress the pedal the reading should go down to 0 volts. 2- M- to B+ (with F/R in F). The voltage should go from Zero when the solenoid clicks to full pack voltage when pedal is on floor Motor Test 3- O ohms Test should have continuity present between F1 and F2 and between A1 and A2 NO CONTINUITY between A and F

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13.00 lbs

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