• THANKS …….The repaired ECU now has my MB 1986 560 running perfect (lambda control working as it should, duty cycle reading correctly engine vibration and other issues resolved

    AND…...THANKS again for repairing my ICU last yr……now my idle is perfect.

    ProGrama is the best !

    Thanks, Steve
  • Thank you and ??(my car) runs ?? (great) and my mechanic ?? (loves) the part. - Joey Pedroza
    - Dan Glenn
  • Just a short thank you note for the fast shipping, part arrived today, was fitted and worked brilliantly!! Keep up the great service and quality products!


    Michiel de Jonge
    The Netherlands

  • What a great company to do business with!

    Thank you!

    I wish I could post this on eBay feedback

    John Mango
  • Joseph I would just like to thank you for sending us this link, and all that you have done. We really appreciated it. My son was able to figure it out with that diagram and my golf cart works. I am ecstatic, my grandkids are so happy. I cannot thank you enough. My son also said to thank you once he had that diagram he was golden.


  • Amazing customer service I must say.

    Keep up the great work!

    We will definitely be a repeat customer.

    Best Regards,

  • Wanted to personally thank you for your help. You are the epitome of what a moral and helpful moral person should be.

    Dr Robert Sosa
  • I want to offer a huge thank you to the personnel of the ProgRama Inc. organization for their professionalism, and polite manner

  • Thank you very much for your kind attention and help. In the end everything’s connected and installed. I’m happy, and thanks again for your help.

    Best regards and best wishes for 2018. Happy New Year.
  • Great product, and service, thanks!
    Michael T
  • Ps the golf cart works fine now thank you. Best wishes also to Nichole, reception, and your employees too!

    Sent by Dave D

  • Greetings! We got a BMW e32 e34 lamp Bulb lighting Control Module (Rebuilt) and installed it. SUCCESS! I now have bright lights. I am so pleased.
  • Thank you so much, that was lightening fast. I will definitely call again.

    Kind Regards, Chomba
  • I really appreciate your professional help and assistance with my golf cart.

    Fred Bennett

    Venice, Fl
  • Thanks very much, I appreciate it.

    Sincerely, Mike
  • Thanks again for Your quick delivery of that Climate Control Unit. The Mercedes dealer was also impressed of the perfect quality.

    Thanks again,

    Rudi Karle
  • I just wanted to thank you all for such great customer service. My beloved Volvo is back on the road with your fantastic help. More businesses could be successful with a dedication to customers like yours. Thank you again.

  • Nice talking to you on the phone. Thank you on your kind assistance and understanding.

    Very respectfully,

    Dr. Hugo

  • I called march 23, 2017 about the problem with my computer in my 1987 bmw 325i (convertible) and security system, the car was cranking with no start and flooding the cylinders with gas if key left on.
    I swapped out the eprom from my old ecu and the engine started right off, only ran for a little bit because it appears i have about a quart of gasoline in my oil. It ran rough but I am also suspicious the injectors are needing replaced so I am going to replace those and change the oil before I continue.
    THANKS SOOOO MUCH for your help.
  • Thanks for your reply.
    After speaking on the phone with you, I went and charged the six, 6v batteries in the golf cart, in series, by pairs, using a standard type of 12 vdc automotive charger.
    Once the total charge was above 27.5 vdc, I disconnected my 12 v charger & connected the EZ-Go TotalCharge III to the golf cart, without plugging it into my AC outlet. I immediately noticed that the small light on the board, D5, was not flashing red but was now a constant red. I had hunch that this meant the batteries indeed had enough charge to allow the TotalCharge III to turn on.
    It sure did, thankfully, and in about an hour or so, it had finished charging the bank of six 6 v batteries, and shut itself off, as it should.
    So, thanks for the excellent communication and advice on the situation. I would strongly recommend your company and product to anybody who has a non-functioning EZ-Go charger.
  • Nichole,

    Thank you for being such an awesome customer service representative.


  • Thank you again for all your help, and Nichole was great and wonderful customer service.

    Warmest Alohas'
  • Thank you for your time and professionalism you've been greatly helpful!

    Have a great day.


  • Just want to thank you for the good service Nichole

  • You've made a nightmare bearable. Thx Nichole.

  • Dear Sirs

    - many thanks for your prompt action regarding this order. The unit has been received and is already in the car, tried and tested!

    Regards and thanks once again for an excellent service

    D. Norton

  • Subject: Finally Happy
    Message: Dear Friends..

    Last Friday I received the SI battery less circuit I boughtd for cluster board of my Euro1985 635 csi, who had stopped working, and I was not able to repair even having changed the batteries.

    Thank you very much for the fast shipping service.

    Today, circuit plate was installed and the cluster works perfectly.
    I am very happy thanks to your magnificent product.

    I recommend it to all who ask me.

    Congratulations for your great work and thank you very much.

    M. from Spain
  • Michelle and Samantha,

    Thank you very much for your service. You ladies are excellent and sweet to work with. I only wonder how blessed the folks working with you are.
    Keep up the good work. I will be sure to give you an excellent review. Thanks.

  • Hi Michelle,

    Just to inform you that our old Volvo is working again :-)

    Thanks again for your help.

    We wish you a Merry Christmas.

    Kind regards,

    Annie Mante
  • Hello Michelle!

    Thank you soo much for your fast testing, re-soldering and quick reply. I´m most pleased and looking forward to test it at once on arrival. :D I´ll spread the word about ProgRama and your high professionalism.

    Thomas Walldén
  • To Joseph at ProgRama:

    Car: Volvo 2002 S60


    I finally got my daughter to slow down enough to take this dashboard cluster out and get it to you for the repair. Fred at Annaptown Car Repair said that you guys are the best outfit that he has used so with all the choices on the internet I am glad to get a recommendation.

    Thank you,
    Allen Flinchum,
    Cypress Marine Inc.
    Severna Park, Mariland
  • Car BMW 325I 1989
    Part Fixed: BMW, Engine control Unit 0 261 200 173

    Thanks for your great Service!

    Huntington, CA
  • Roman,

    Your team is great! Mostly, I worked with Samantha to get my order reworked.
    (I originally ordered a wrong part!)

    Samantha is particularly customer friendly, efficient and helpful.

    It was a pleasant surprise to work with a business where there are 'real' people
    answering the phone, no phone trees to work through and knowledgeable customer service.

    Thank you!!
    Marilyn M.
    Otis Orchards, WA
  • Re: G3605EZ 36V Battery Charger For Ez-Go

    Thanks for Great !! Customer Service!

    Please call or e-mail once you test the charger!

    Thanks again
    Denise W.
    Mount Vernon, IL
  • Thank you Michelle! For your helpful reply on this matter. God Bless! You're a credit to your company.

    -Paul Masisak
  • Re: Mercedes Idle Control Module

    I hope this feedback helps other people checking your site. I have had a high idle problem on my W126 500 SEL for 2 months. I thought I had traced it to the control module, and got a used one that didn't help, more research, and another used one that didn't help. Both were supposedly tested and fine prior to sale. I did many more hours of further research (and frustration) - what were the odds I'd get two bad ones? It must be something else...well I did - both were bad. I ordered a rebuilt unit, had it in two days, and the car was idling perfectly within an hour of receipt.

    Moral - do not get used electronic parts regardless of claims of function. ProgRama was very cost competitive and if I had come here first, I would have had my car fixed in about a week. Don't make the same mistake. Get a tested and proven rebuilt and be on your way. Thanks for the great service!

    Marc H.
    Waukesha, WI
  • Samantha,

    Sorry for delay in this reply. The charger arrived sooner than expected and works great. Thanks so much for all your help and I am very please with the product and your service.

    (Item G3605EZ Battery Charger)

    CHEERS and kind regards,
    Graeme S., Saint John, NB Canada
  • Roman,

    Thanks to you and Samantha for the great service!
    Don't hesitate to call or email if you need me to tell anyone how terrific it is to work with you guys.

    (Item G3610 EZ-GO (Taylor Dunn) Battery Charger)

    Best regards,
    Earl S., Snohomish, WA
  • Andrea:

    Please thank your staff for the outstanding service they have provided me for parts and technical assistance as a friend and I restore a 1997 EZGO TXT Golf Cart.

    The ProgRama Sales staff answered the telephone calls, identifying the company and their name, followed with "...how may I help you..."

    This is quite unusual in today's business environment, for a company staff to answer customer telephone calls with "...how may I help you..." then listen to the customer's response.

    This congenial process accomplishes at least two things:
    First, the customer appreciates someone wanting to help them with a need.
    And secondly, one person talking at a time saves time for everyone.

    The technical staff team is a wealth of answers. I have often been transferred to Chuck for operational technical details not easily found on the Internet.

    Yesterday, I wanted to determine if the coil with a moving core located in the accelerator pedal assembly was OK or did it need to be replaced.
    Chuck told me to connect all wires to the controller in the normal way, then measure the voltages on the coil's black and white wires.
    The black wire will have a constant voltage of approximately 14.5V and the white wire will have a voltage range from 0.5 to 1.5 Volts pedal position dependant.
    I expect that Chuck's knowledge is more extensive than the casual comment.

    It's evident that ProgRama, Inc. understands that providing service and selling products are inseparable processes of a viable company.
    Again, please thank all of your staff, unnamed also, for the outstanding understanding an practice of the concept, "...customer, what may I do for you?"

    Bob W., Snohomish, WA
  • Received the power controller and have it installed and every thing works fine. Thank you for your help.

    Shard J., GA
  • came right on time. quick shipping. AAA in my book.

    Jose V., NJ
  • Thank you!! You are a very good company with great service!! All the best.

    Steve S., MA
  • Bryan Lay, Great product! Thank you!

    Bryan L., UT
  • From the tiny country of New Zealand, I made enquiries via internet with Samantha Thompson at "Programa" for a really which was going to cost in NZ well over $500!

    Although mail order to NZ was NOT part of the Programa system, Samantha made everything easy for me to obtain this part. It arrived safe and sound on the other side of the world, and created a very happy mechanic, and car owner.

    Thanks so much.
    Geoff C., New Zealand
  • Fast fast fast wow!

    Aubrey B., MS
  • Hi Guys,

    Received the part, much appreciated..

    Kind Regards,
    Peter at Logic Automotive, Ireland
  • Item as described and in great shape. Would buy from seller again. Thanks

    Creative Automotive Design, NJ