E-Z-GO Speed Controller 36V 350amp
PDS Shunt Controller ITS Throttle Input

OE Part Number

73326G0x Upgraded, 73326G0xUpgraded

ProgRama Part Number


Interchange Part Numbers

1206 MX 1115 Upgraded, 1206MX1115Upgraded
1206 MX 1121 Upgraded, 1206MX1121Upgraded
1206 MX 4301 Upgraded, 1206MX4301Upgraded
1206MX 1120 Upgraded, 1206MX1120Upgraded
609083 Upgraded, 609083Upgraded
73263G01 Upgraded, 73263G01Upgraded
73326G02 Upgraded, 73326G02Upgraded
73326G03 Upgraded, 73326G03Upgraded
73326G04 Upgraded, 73326G04Upgraded
73326G05 Upgraded, 73326G05Upgraded
73326G06 Upgraded, 73326G06Upgraded
73326G07 Upgraded, 73326G07Upgraded
G633P, G633P




1 Year

Item description

Upgraded to 350Amp PDS Shunt Controller ITS Throttle Input. Electronic Speed Controller (PDS/VPS) is used on 1994-current E-Z-GO Medalist & TXT Models with the PDS (Precision Drive System) and/or VPS (Vehicle Performance System) applications for Golf Cars and Vehicles to enhance power and speed while maintaining the E-Z-GO Safety Standards for each vehicle. The speed controller is responsible for regulating the speed levels and performance of your vehicle. There are three large terminals on the end of the controller (A1, B- and B+) and two smaller terminals on the opposite end (F1, F2). CHECK MOTOR WINDINGS: 1- Set your VOM to RESISTANCE (O). 2- With your motor disconnected, measure A1 to A2. This must measure BETWEEN .3O and 1O. 3- With your motor disconnected, measure F1 to F2. This must measure BETWEEN 1O and 2O. 4- With your motor disconnected, measure A1 to F1. This must measure OPEN. 5- With your motor disconnected, measure F1 to the motor case. This must measure greater than 5MO. CHECK the MAIN SOLENOID: 1- Disconnect all wires from the main solenoid. 2- Set your VOM to RESISTANCE (O). 3- Measure the solenoid coil. This must measure NO LESS than 100O. 4- Connect VOM leads to the main solenoid lugs. 5- Attach jumpers from the main battery positive and negative to the coil (small terminals). 1- The meter must jump from infinity to LESS THAN .3O. 2-Remove jumpers and reconnect solenoid wiring from the harness. (If suppression diode is present. The non-banded side must go the blue wire – pin J1-6 from the controller) This cart is capable of diagnostics! Placing the cart in the diagnostics mode will allow the controller to use the back-up alarm to beep out codes. Do not underestimate the usefulness of this tool. There is an orange and white sticker on the environmental cover that explains how to enter the diagnostics mode.

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13.00 lbs

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Compatible Cars

Make Model Year
E-Z-Go Medalist 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999
E-Z-Go TXT 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001