Yamaha Speed Controller 36V 275amp
Motor Control Unit

OE Part Number

JN4-86510-0x, JN4865100x

ProgRama Part Number


Interchange Part Numbers

G11, G11
G14, G14
G16, G16
JN4-86510-00, JN48651000
JN4-86510-00-00, JN4865100000
JN4-86510-01, JN48651001
JN4-86510-01-00, JN4865100100
JN4-86510-02, JN48651002
JN4-86510-02-00, JN4865100200
JN4-86510-03, JN48651003
JN4-86510-03-00, JN4865100300
JN4-865100000, JN4865100000
JN4865100100, JN4865100100
JN4865100200, JN4865100200
JN4865100300, JN4865100300
JN48651003forG14, JN48651003forG14




1 Year

Item description

Unit with cable and 2 white connectors For Yamaha G11, G14, G16 carts Yamaha G11 - P/N JN4-86510-00 Yamaha G14 - P/N JN4-86510-01 Yamaha G16 - P/N JN4-86510-02

Item Weight

5.00 lbs

Shipping Weight

10.00 lbs

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Compatible Cars

Make Model Year
Yamaha G-Series 1979